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Roz McIntosh

After leaving her Nursing career to run her own Health Coaching business and blog – creating recipes, and photographing the delicious results - Roz realised it was time to fully lean into her creative side. She began studying digital photography full-time, then launched camera-first into life as a photographer, stylist and content creator.

Roz McIntosh is a very talented and creative woman. We worked on creating an authentic sophisticated brand that helped let her clients work ( product photography industry) shine whilst still conveying her signature look. Working with Roz on the full business package ensures a consistent and cohesive roll-out of everything from social media and print collateral from her full branding package, to an extensive website creation that has a sophisticated elegance to the flow and content and is easily editable so she can update it regularly with new images as she creates them.

- Praise

“I love it. It's perfect. I love the script writing contrasting with the formal block lettering which is also elegant, and the icon, on the logo. I didn't think that I would like an icon for my branding because they an be too cheesy but this is just amazing... Yay! Thanks Zoe you are one clever lady!” - Roz McIntosh

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