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Small Babies

Small Babies store offers gorgeous yet functional outfits for premature and NICU babies that you'll love dressing your baby in, along with milestone cards to celebrate the wins, baby care products, keepsakes and special gifts for mum and dad. Small babies want to help you throughout your journey, so you can focus on what matters the most - your precious baby.

We worked together to craft a brand that was captures the magic of those previous new moments with your baby but also captures the sensitivity around having products that may be in remembrance of a tragic passing of a wee one also.

We utilised the symbols of the moon and stars created in a mobile motif to show the nature of the brand as products for small babies as well as momentos for those little angels as well.

I always ensure we have a thorough onboarding process and personal chat via zoom so that I understand all the elements of your business plan and where you want to take it. In this case a year or so after we created the branding, Stephanie came back to me to design a garment range which we developed in keeping with the logo style for brand awareness and identity.

- Praise

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