Logo Design & Branding

Let's get together and discuss who it is you are trying to connect with.

We start with a brief sheet to gain more knowledge about your business.
Then we have a chat as a follow up to gain more info before beginning the design process.

Creating your unique identity


The value of good design is priceless. We live in a digital world where people sometimes spend more time on their devices than interacting face-to-face. Social media is becoming the front door for your brand, and you have 2 seconds to make a first impression. Make it count with effective and authentic branding and design. Stand out from the crowd and find your ideal client.

The most important element to get right in the beginning is your logo design. Once this has been printed onto everything and made into signage etc. it's an expensive exercise to re-brand it all, however logo design is not the end. How you apply your logo design with your branding elements such as the colours, fonts, imagery and patterns is also just as important as that original logo. Logo design projects these days are named 'branding' project's because all of these important elements are packaged up for you from the start to ensure a consistent look and feel that sets you apart from your competitors and gives you a strong brand presence. CIP Design Studio have created the Executive Brand Package to ensure you have everything you need to create a strong brand.

Our Work

Logo Design & Branding

​The Brand Package is more than logo design. The difference ?

A logo = a business’ identification via a recognisable symbol or mark.
A brand = the emotional experience that someone feels, sees and tastes when they interact with your company on any level.


I offer the brand package, that includes the process of logo design development (that you are involved with) in order to come up with a complete solution for your business going forward. I research and develop the concepts for your logo and then provide all the final file formats/variations of that logo and an information document for consistent logo/brand asset use. This creates a whole image for your company that is iconic to customers of your product/service. This process ensures you come out with a unique and professional visual identity that is second-to-none.



  1. Fill in Brief

  2. You pay 50% deposit to secure your spot

  3. Skype/Phone consultation

  4. Creating a mood board in Pinterest to establish style

  5. 9x page brand development document with 18x concepts & 3x final recommended concepts presented for your feedback

  6. Up to 2x amendments based on your feedback to colour/logo

  7. Final Brand Package with all logos in a range of colours, black/white, & FB profile sized

  8. 1x page brand specification for reference of brand assets

If you're keen to get started, click on the brief form below and easily fill it out and send online.