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Heart Flow

Angelena Davies is a coach, workshop facilitator, author and retreat leader based in Te Puke, NZ. Her work is all about helping people (even little people) to access their flow by; becoming more mindful, calm and aware, ​easing anxiety and overthinking, discovering their strengths and brilliance, increasing confidence to just BE, expanding their awareness and tuning into intuition. She advocates when this happens, there is flow and things are easy.

Angie and I have been working together on her branding and website development after meeting at a women's networking group in 2016. Our strong partnership and collaboration allowed me to manage her branding needs consistently and efficiently. If I saw her post an update on social media I was able to quickly update this information on her website. In 2018 Angie published her own book, a sort of memoir of her experiences as a studying Mum. She naturally asked me to illustrate the cover and I was more than happy to take on the project. The book is accompanied by a 30x page workbook and created this ebook with similar elegant feminine illustrations to make the whole experience of self-care an inviting one for her customers. I love working on projects where I am able to help my clients have consistency and excellence in their branding which up-levels their customers perception of their services also - while clearly communicating to their target audience.

- Praise

"Zoe is a wealth of knowledge. Not only does she have an amazing eye for style but she has a depth of knowledge on branding and marketing that is rare. I LOVE that I can go to her for all of my ideas and watch her put them into reality. Thanks Zoe." - Angie Davies

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