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Mamia's is an award winning sauce made in Wellington that can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the more popular being a curry paste or stew, bbq marinade, pizza base, stir fry, nachos, relish on a burger or sandwich, or as a dip with some corn chips.

Mamia's Ethiopian Sauces are based in Wellington New Zealand. They came to me looking for a complete rebrand and redesign of their packaging to target the gourmet product market.

We started by working on brand strategy as a part of their rebranding and then moved through to developing the new custom illustrations, packaging design and a new website.

The result: The customers love it! They are now also available in supermarkets. They were able to grow their small home kitchen business into a supermarket and gourmet food store offering that flies off the shelves. Their unique flavours and authentic heart-led creations stand out on the shelves as something unique and enticing.

The benefit to really thinking through and developing a unique look and feel for your brand is that the packaging will stun and delight customers, and stand the test of time.

- Praise

"I love them. So many people have been messaging me to tell me how beautiful they look " - Yeshi Taye Mamia's Founder

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