CJ’s business was up and running, but without a clear idea of how it should be presented to the world, it felt a little like it was drifting. At first CJ thought she needed a logo. But after sitting down with CIP Design, she soon realised it was about digging deeper - identifying exactly what Moksha Yoga meant to her, and who it was as a brand.
We worked with CJ to get crystal clear on who Moksha is as a brand. Its philosophy, its values, and how it should be perceived. From there, we developed a brand identity that truly captured both Moksha and CJ’s spirit - along with the tools needed to bring that identity to life consistently across the board.
After launching the new Moksha Yoga brand, CJ’s classes multiplied from 2 a week to 10 - growing from about 20 attendees a week, to a massive 120. As a result, she’s seen both her revenue and her social media engagement skyrocket