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Womban Tribe

Julie is a certified Arvigo® abdominal massage therapist & registered midwife who is deeply passionate about educating women about their anatomy, including womb wellness.

Julie from The Womban Tribe wanted to express the holistic and sensitive nature of the work that she did through her branding, to really connect with women and their inner innate strength and beauty.

The brand strategy part of the project unlocked the look and feel that would help women connect and invest on finding their way back to full health holistically. In the branding development we custom illustrated a series of custom made sub-mark Mandalas and Mandala backgrounds to be used in conjunction with the main logo.

The branding package includes these elements so that when you need to make social media graphics you have all the visual assets you need for a cohesive look and feel with a sophisticated professional edge. we also assisted with a scrolling website development including custom illustrations to enhance the beauty and connection women would feel when visiting her website.

- Praise

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