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Payments & Cancellations

The Nitty Gritty

Although this may be a little forward adding in the payment info in the introductory info pack,
I like to be totally open about what you’re getting for your money and what you are committing to.

Just like anyone in business it’s important to have your invoices paid on time so that I can keep my business running. I know you understand this too, so here’s the rundown on how we structure the payments. 

I also offer payment plans that are split into 25% increments if required, or if you’re based in NZ you can work with Fee Funders to make more extended payment installments. The Business Package has a longer timeline that any other project so I generally split the two 50% payments over 6-8 weeks.


CIP Design Studio also offers worldwide credit card facility through Stripe to make invoice payments

An invoice for 50% of the estimated project cost is sent through to initiate the project.

A final invoice for the remaining 50% of estimated project cost is due before the final 

Brand Package is sent through or the website goes ‘live’ (the deadline of project is stated in the signed contract at the beginning of the project).


100% of the invoice is due for other costs incurred during the development process including additional fonts, stock imagery, licenses, or additional graphics. 

If a project is for any reason cancelled before it’s completion, you are responsible for covering any final payments relative to the amount of work undertaken to this point. For example, if 75% of the project has been completed, you will be invoiced for the remaining 25% on cancellation of the project. 


The estimated costs of the project are just that estimated; they are estimations based on the information provided at the start of the project. It is common in the design industry for the client’s idea of what they needed or required to change as they learn more about what is available, especially in Website Design. You will always be notified of additional extras, and if signed-off these costs will be reflected in the final invoice.

Cancellation/ termination of project

Very rarely, a project just doesn’t go the way you were expecting it to - although please trust me when I say there is generally just communication to work through and a brilliant result close to being discovered. However, if at any point in the project either you or CIP Design Studio wishes to part ways, we can submit this to each other in writing. Business is business and I’d much rather you were upfront about it to maintain a harmonious mutually beneficial relationship. If termination is requested, then payment of all services to the point of termination are required. 


To explain this further, 50% of a project could mean the developmental website is complete, or on a branding project, you receive the concept development document. 75% of a project could mean that revisions on the dev site have been undertaken, or on a branding project that the revisions covered by the estimate have been made and colour development undertaken, but you have not received the final files package.


You will own any completed or partially completed files, and may use them in any
way you choose. I retain the right to use anything I created in my portfolio.