Flow With Angelena Davies

The problem:
Angelena is a Mount Maunganui-based coach, writer, and facilitator. She knew that a strong brand that reflected her personality would help her stand out in the crowded world of coaching. But she was having trouble putting what she wanted into words.

The solution:
We worked in close collaboration with Angelena, coaching her through the design process and creating a broader marketing strategy that went beyond her brand, and to the very heart of why she does what she does. After building those foundations, the rest fell into place - and we delivered the professional brand with a fun twist that Angelena had been looking for.

The outcome:
What started as a rebranding project soon grew into an ongoing partnership, with CIP Design creating Angelena’s Facebook ads, flyers, notebooks, diagrams, posters, book covers, and more. Most importantly, Angelena’s business has grown from a small customer base to hundreds each year - which has led to speaking and teaching opportunities, and a highly engaged social media following.



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