Sleep Haven

Sleep Haven, Sleep therapy. Start your journey to better sleep today, with proven behavioural therapy coaching to help you sleep better, naturally. Sleep Haven offers a guided coaching programme for a lifetime of better sleep.

Through practical advice, resources and support, you’ll be guided through the Sleep Easy self-help programme, where you’ll cultivate self-compassion, mindfulness and the mindset and habits needed to sleep with ease.

Sleep Haven was founded by well-known sleep therapist Bernice Tuffery before the launch of her new book Sleep Easy. Bernice wanted to create an easy-to-follow dreamy sophisticated website that would help her to connect with fans and patients worldwide.

We worked collaboratively with a brand photographer and copy-writer to not only develop an authentic Brand Package for Sleep Haven, but develop a full website while ensuring all targets were met before the launch of her book.

Our role was to manage the timelines of the project from conception to launch date and work cohesively with the other parties involved to create a cohesive brand identity that would appeal to her target audience.

I also worked with Bernice on developing her social media profiles for launch date, supplying custom designed templates and post squares, and guiding her through setting up her social accounts for business.

The result is a stunning, inviting, professional authentic brand that overwhelmed her with responses after launching. Bernice was a dream client to work with ( excuse the pun).

- Praise

"Zoe has an incredible ability to distil the essence of a brand and bring it to life visually. Her brands have heart. I'm really happy with Sleep Haven's branding and website. They are getting wonderful feedback and most importantly are connecting with my clients in a meaningful way."

Bernice Tuffery - SLEEP HAVEN