We love to customise your branding or design project with illustration great examples of this shown below are on product packaging and digital marketing. Adding illustrations to your design project enhances your brands flair. CIP Design Studio's Zoe Sizemore specialises in pen and ink, water-colour and digital design for infographics, icons and flow-charts and more.

One of the most critical elements in this digitised world as the ability to create original content. We sketch out all logo design  concepts which are presented in the branding development documentation. 


CIP Design Studio offer a custom illustration service in a variety of both digital and hand drawn styles. We explore current trends to extend our portfolio with new and creative ideas for branding, packaging and collateral. If you like any of the styles below please get in touch to find out how we can incorporate custom icons, and illustrative elements into your branding and design projects.

Many of the images below are available for purchase, you can browse the range on the Triple Z Apparel Store

Work by Artist Zoe Sizemore