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Grow your small business tips

COVID-19 will go down in history as the Pandemic that shifted the mindset of the modern world. We have all been involuntarily forced into a digital world. Whether we were utilising it's full capabilities or not we certainly will need to know. Gym workouts, children's after school activities, meetings, catch ups with friends have all been forced into the digital sphere. As we all move from shock to acceptance here are some ways you can move forward with your business or prepare for when we are released back into the streets.

Create a Social Media Campaign

Get on top of your social media marketing. Often the last on my customers to-do list is planning their social media campaigns. You will hit the ground running in a few months if you prepare your content in advance now. Social media is an amazing platform for sharing your expertise in your area and cementing your authority on your chosen subject. Use the time you have now to learn graphic tools like Canva, social media scheduling apps like Preview, and setting up your Social Media accounts with extensive information about what you do. Did you know you can use the story highlights feature in Instagram to create the same pages you have on your website but in an introductory way? You can also you one URL in your Instagram profile connect to a series of pages via

Take your services online

If you have built your Website with a site builder such as then you can easily upgrade your plan to include features such as online bookings. Using these features allows you to offer 1:1 services via conferencing platforms like Zoom. If you write out the introductions for each of these services, we can assist you with integrating these into your site. You can also offer downloadable PDF resources such as ebooks, workbooks, recipes etc for set prices, or start a course where customers can download weekly videos you have prepared. There are so many options for offering your services online whether through a course with modules/homework your customers complete each week, or 1:1 consultations, resources, and more with a little creativity and some technical assistance - all offered from the comfort of your home. These services can also be offered globally through integrated payment platforms Paypal and Stripe.


During this global crisis many large online services have reduced or slashed their costs for upskilling online. Take the opportunity to learn a new skill, via websites such as Skillshare. Forced isolation and hitting the 'STOP' button on your daily routine might be your golden opportunity to learn something you are passionate about and maybe create a whole new career. You could also diversify your business offering, including something extra that maybe you had never had the chance to set up. Take a minute to brainstorm and get creative about what you love to do and how you could create an offering around this.

Catch up on your reading list

Although the sharing of paperbacks wouldn't be advisable right now, companies such as audible have a 30 day free trial, the perfect opportunity to take during the global lockdown. Gain access to small business marketing tips, budgeting, inspiring biographies, and many more. You can also access their kids range so that you can keep them busy while you are working on your business.

Book Recommendations:

  • The E Myth

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

  • Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh

  • Crush It!: Why Now Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

Check in with past/present clients

Use this slowed down moment in history to reconnect with your clients/customers. Check in with them on a personal level. Re-establish those connections and discuss where they are at and how you can assist them in the future. This might not be the best time to be 'selling' but it's great to offer support in a capacity that shows them your value. Establishing a real 'human' connection during a difficult time will help set your service/business apart when life returns to normal .

This is certainly an unprecedented time in our history, tension and anxiety are high. Make sure you do what lifts you up, if it's work and staying busy,, it's hours on the phone with friends and loved ones. Remember to ask for help we're all in this together.

Cheers Zoe


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