We’re Case in Point Design Studio

(or as our friends call us, CIP Design Studio), and we’re all about creating a clear branding strategy for your business. 

That means everything - from your business’s logo and website, to illustration and graphic design - working together to feel unmistakably and undeniably you.

Sound like a plan?

WARNING: side-effects may include potential customers knocking down your door.

Running an amazing business is your thing.

Making your business even

more amazing is ours.

You know when you look at a business’s logo, website, flyers, social media, and signage, and it all just...works?

It feels beautiful, clear, and consistent - and somehow has you reaching for your wallet before you even realise what’s going on?

That’s the power of good branding.

That’s what our Tauranga-based team specialises in.

And that’s what we can do for your business.

We can help you write yours, and tell it to the world.

  • You fill in the brief form

  • We have a chat 

  • You pay the 50% deposit

Briefing Form
  • We create the magic

  • You provide feedback

  • We revise the design

Design and Revise
  • We finish the design

  • You pay final 50%

  • We send you the final files

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Cip is as easy as 1-2-3

Apa Watane


"CIP Design is amazing. They work very hard and provide such fantastic service. If I could give them 12/10 I would."

Angelena Davies


“I’ve been more than just satisfied with CIP Design’s work. I’ve been inspired. Looking at my branding makes me LOVE my business."

France Prevost


“I chose to work with CIP Design because of their love of the environment, nature, professionalism and energy."

If you can’t see what you’re looking for here, or just want to talk all things branding, fill in the form below.

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