Website Design & Development

Your website is the first impression of your brand and the 'front door' of your business. CIP Design Studio specialises is custom designed websites that showcase your business and reduce your admin time fielding calls and replying to emails. We also offer website design services to companies working with developers. Please contact us for more customised estimates from project work that lies outside the packages offered here.

Our Work

Affordable, custom, professional website design tailored to your business. From forms and downloads to Mailchimp connections and custom GIF's, flow charts and graphics. Websites are now the 'storefront' for your business, make sure yours makes a good impression! 


We create intuitive, targeted websites that succinctly express the value of your business services.

Website Design & Development


  1. Meeting: Consultation via Skype

  2. R&D: Pinterest Collaboration

  3. Setup: Getting you set-up on Wix with an account and connecting your domain, sourcing your images and text

  4. Landing Page: Installing a landing page if required until the site is built ( start drawing traffic to your domain)

  5. Design: Wireframes and revisions as required

  6. Development: Creating the site on Wix

  7. Refining: Undertaking revisions as required to the elements of the site

  8. Go Live: Connecting to site and talking you through the back-end for your future editing

  9. Please Note: You will have 1-2 sets of changes from this point as covered by the estimate


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